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Civit 757 representa el espíritu de una de las calles más tradicionales de Mendoza, lugar donde vivieron las familias pioneras de la vitivinicultura Argentina

Civit 757 embodies the spirit of the one of the most traditional avenues in Mendoza, the location chosen by the families who pioneered Argentina’s winemaking industry.

Soleil Nuit Espumosos

An authentic expression of terroir that flows like nature, constantly changing.

This Malbec has aged for 24 months in French oak barrels, which takes it to the highest point of perfection, intensity, and grandeur.

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A16 Winery was established as a winemaking project in 2007 by Gerardo Cartellone, who decided to start his own winery following the steps of his ancestors. It all began with his Sicilian great-grandfather, who made his own wines back then. Then followed his grandfather, who migrated to Argentina and built some of the great wineries in the province. Later, his father continued to work in the wine industry. Gerardo today keeps his heritage and the family’s love for wine alive.

About Us

The spirit that drives our work is reflected in each wine we create. Dedication, quality, sustainability, and love are the foundations on which we stand to keep growing and so reach the world.

Our Team

Gerardo Cartellone


Mauricio Boullaude


Leandro Funes


Natalí Sevilla


Mariela Legrotagglie

Directora de Administración y Finanzas

Alejandro Guirao

Gerente Comercial

Mabel Ovejero

Gerente de Turismo y Gastronomía

Marcelo Saltalamacchia


Agustín Quiroga

Encargado de Gastronomía

Julieta Lucero

Comunicación y Marketing

Ailén Fernandez


Belén Vilches


Paula Martinez

Administración, Comercial y Logística

Noemi Pizarro


Agustina Barroso

Administración, Comercial y Logística

Natalí Sevilla

Ingeniera Agrónoma

Certifications and Partnerships

For Life

At A16 Winery we work together with For Life, as part as our commitment with CSR (corporate social responsibility). We are committed to developing better social and labor conditions, as well as ensuring each individual’s welfare. We also aim at reducing the environmental impact of our activities by implementing sustainable practices.


A16 is Vegan certified. Each year, the Vegan Argentina association renews our certification after performing an exhaustive analysis of each of our wines. They are produced without any animal products, such as eggs or fish, among others.

Vino Argentino Bebida Nacional (Argentine Wine – National Beverage)

As winemakers, we aim at highlighting the cultural value of our beverage, as well as its relevant role as part of our national identity.

INV (Argentina’s National Vine and Wine Institute)

All our production processes are certified and endorsed by INV, which ensures that all of our wines are suitable for consumption.

WofA (Wines of Argentina)

We are proud to be an associate winery of WofA, and to be part of one of the most important wine regions in the country: Mendoza. We work jointly with WofA towards the promotion and consolidation of Argentina’s winemaking industry abroad under the Vino Argentino brand.