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Our Wines


We offer guided visits with wine tastings where the winemaking process, our history and our passion melt together between Alfredo Ceverino’s majestic sculptures.

Includes guided tour of the farm and winery. Welcome drink, tank tasting and comparative wine glass.

Introduction to the method of obtaining rosé wines. Tasting of the variety of pink of the Auge line: Auge BDN, Auge Rosé and Auge Rosé Sweet Natural. Pairings accompanied by black and white chocolates.

Presentation and tasting of the Blend de Terroirs Civit 757 line. A glass of Semillón, Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot is tasted.

Tasting top-of-the-range wines for each line. Ar Knit Cup Nuit, Boom Malbec, Apogeo Reserva and Gran Vino Civit 757.


Our restaurant combines the most exquisite flavors of the traditional argentine cuisine together with our wines which are graced daily by the stunning Andes Mountain Range.


Bodega A16 is an important winemaking project that began in 2007 as the sixteenth start-up by business owner Gerardo Cartellone.
The spirit of A16, our underlying philosophy from which the winery is managed, is based on care behind each detail in crafting excellent wines and love as the foundation to continue to grow within the industry.

Gerardo Cartellone

Gerardo’s interest in the wine industry dates back to his great-grandfather, who had vineyards of his own in Sicilia. When his grandfather arrived to Argentina, he found work in large wineries. Later, Gerardo’s father also continued the tradition.  Today Gerardo is the only
family member who continues in the wine industry.


The “Papa Francisco” vineyard is located in Perdriel at 950 meters ASL.  This grape growing region is esteemed for its superb elevation and crisp air due to its proximity to the Mendoza River. The climate is dry and desert-like, with warm summers and very cool winters.

The alluvial soils lack organic matter. The topsoil is sandy-loam with an abundance of round stones. The following layer, 20 centimeters below, is rocky and an ideal attribute in the production of Malbec.

The structural base of our wines comes from the care and adequate irrigation of each vine within the 140 hectares property.





This Channel provides anonymity and confidentiality to any person who knows or suspects any action that may imply a violation of the laws in force, the Principles of A16 or Business Conduct.
Email: info@a16sa.com.ar

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